How it works

This website is managed by Ismail Laher (aka as LG or L’Ji) and fellow admins and is based out of but independent of the the Shirley Gate Road Mosque ( in Fairfax VA.

We pray for the success of this initiative and we pray that we be guided to stay on the right path as we undertake it

We (Admins) are working to make this formula and concept easier, safer and better than the available options (online dating websites, random meetings, limited circle of family introductions, and more.) and as such it is a “work in progress” formula

So far, we have adopted a multiple step approach which is a combination of a few existing models but that emphasizes participation from the registrants


  1. SN “candidates” are required to register online in order to be informed of private upcoming events and to be included in the below process
  2. Once registered, candidates persons are required to to get to know the admins for an initial interview, id verification and for developing first name familiarity.
  3. Admins will also try to meet, interview and get to know each person who has registered in order to get to know them and their family but the onus is on the candidate to make this effort work. (We have outside masjid events on Saturday and Masjid events on Sunday)
  4. Admins will then also try to arrange for regular private and or open icebreaker house events for registered AND known candidates with FULLY completed (including pic and ALL requested info) profiles.
  5. These events require candidate volunteers to help organize and include potlucks, brunches, discussions, hiking, “lets complete a puzzle”, “lets meet as volunteers” at a community service event or similar.
  6. Open events are arranged through which has s a way to get onto the whats app group the website
  7. Candidates are encouraged to to attend as many private and open “Meet and Greet” events, weekly discussions, volunteer activities, etc. as possible. .These events will be both masjid based and non masjid based. (See separately
  8. These small size group events help create a neutral platform setting where attendees have a chance to get to know each other on a regular basis without the pressure of a “one on one” meeting or meeting only for a few minutes in a large group setting.
  9. Candidates will ONLY benefit if they attend as many events as possible and get to know admins and other as we believe and ask candidates to realize that “match finding” requires a significant investment of their own time in such activities.(Admins can only provide a regular healthy neutral platform for candidates and their families to attend events and get to know others BUT the hard work will have to be done by SN candidates themselves by mingling and attending such events often.)
  10. An important benefit of the meet and greet MINGLING formulae is that it allows you to meet others who may not be a “fit” but who mostly likely to have friends who may be a fit whom you need to get to meet and know.

Please note that if you use this service you agree that we are not responsible for your interactions with a possible matches. We do not conduct background checks etc.We simply match folks based on data provided (we do not verify the data)

We encourage Parental participation especially to arrange catering, outings, etc and to ensure transparency and to keep us in check.

We encourage Muslims at all levels of practice, observance and religiosity to benefit by using this platform as they will be matched by the preference they indicate for themselves and their prospective partners

THIS IS NOT A FREE SERVICE. We offer the basic service on a “no Match – no pledge” basis. We require each candidate to undertake this voluntary pledge. The “fee” is to make a pledge to contribute either time or money on a “pass it forward” basis towards their choice of masjid, community or similar causes/projects.

The pledge amount is expected to be personal to your situation and amana but a typical suggested pledge/fee is equal to 20 percent of the wedding expenses or about $1000 per year for 15 years in time or money.

Funds (if sent to us) will be used primarily for (philanthropic) purposes at admins discretion

Participants are however always responsible for their share of catering and others costs at events that they attend.

L’G – L’ji – LaherJi

(FYI: LG also conducts the weekly Gisla ( program at Shirley Gate and is available in person most Fridays during Jumma and most Sunday mornings)